Our Approach


Approach – 4 Steps

Inventors and start-ups face big challenges: how to come from prototype to a profitable business model? Which strategic partners should we approach and how to connect? Is the transformation of the economy a chance or a threat? How can we act local and think global and do we have the budget and knowledge to go abroad?

Based on our knowledge and experiences with successful product introductions Green Innovations has developed a unique stepped sales approach to commercialize Cleantech innovations. After a quick scan, with an assessment on the technology, growth potential, competitive position and strategy we start the Green Innovations 4 steps Sales Approach.

Step 1. Opportunity Assessment

This is a deep dive analyses for the topics we already touched during the quick assessment. We collect information about the technology, the market, the competition and want to get clarity about the value proposition and the Business Case.

The result is a joint “Partner Opportunity Plan”.

Step 2.
100 days plan

The Partner Opportunity Plan is the input for the approach during the first 100 days (plan). We define what we will do, who to approach, what are the goals and test & tune the sales strategy.After three months we present to the Partner the results from out the market and our recommendations. The input out of the meeting and the results and recommendations will transform into the Go-To-Market-Plan.

Step 3.
Go – To – Market Plan

Next step in the execution. It is about closing deals with launching customers, commit strategic partners, build & execute marketing campaigns and deploy a potential multi-channel sales strategy. Green Innovations will fine tune Sales & Marketing to increase the fit of the product with the market. This contributes to the results.

Step 4.
Long term Execution

After a successful first year a longterm plan will be made with the emphasis to scale up the revenue. The focus will be on deployment, utilizing the Multi-Channel Strategy and an international roll-out in for example the rest of Europe with sales offices or agents.Part of the long term focus is to see if the business can operate independently or can we merge to scale or speed up. Even a plan of approach towards an IPO could be an objective.