About Us

About Us

Green Innovations is a Business Development and Sales Accelerator for inventors and start-ups in the Cleantech Industry with transformational innovations to grow their businesses and increase revenue. The solutions will save or generate energy.

Green Innovations (GI) has been specializing in assisting emerging clean technology companies for over 8 years and has become expert in the field and has over 25 years of investment banking and market research experience. With the recent change in attitudes towards the climate change and issues such as CO2 mitigation, clean technology has been pushed to the forefront of people’s minds and has once again become an essential part of life.

GI`s aim is to support these new cutting-edge companies to succeed. GI considers companies at any stage of development and in most of the cleantech, but also from other sectors.

We partner with start-ups and inventors to enhance sales- & marketing and support them with financial engineering / funding.

Green Innovations is strategically situated as entrance to the European market and with our head office in Amsterdam Area.