Core Values


Core Values

To achieve Green Innovations mission and the objectives of our Partners we attach to four core values:

1. Quality

Quality is in the centre of Green Innovations attention, in everything we do. If it is about the transformational innovations, our Go-To-Market-Strategy or something ‘trifling’ as our coffee: Green Innovations goes for the right quality.

Important is to consider the full situation, all function& features of our solutions and the related processes. Quality determines directly the level of customer satisfaction.

2. Unique

Green Innovations is in several ways unique: The 4-steps sales approach, the way we focus on customer satisfaction, the vision and the Unique Selling Points of the solutions of our Partners.

The Cleantech solutions that we select for our Green Innovations portfolio will have an immediate distinctive positioning.

3. Added Value

Green Innovations is business- & sales accelerator. For our Partners, inventors & start-ups.

Quality is the foundation, being unique is necessary but at the end it it is all about bringing added value to our Partners and our customers.

For our Partners this means more revenue, better margin, having multiple sales channels, improved customer satisfaction and getting the right feedback from out the market to build opportunities.

And for our customers the added value results in lower cost, more comfort or the use/delivery of renewable energy.

4. Ambition

Everything starts small. An idea, a design, a plan, a company..

But by being ambitious from the beginning, by thinking big directly Green Innovations achieves more. This relates to revenue, territories and customers.
During all steps in our sales approach we will set high, achievable goals.