We offer a set of different consultancy services:

  • Market Assesments

Market desk research for the specific markets & applications for the business idea of
the venture. Starting from the Benelux home market. Expanding towards other
interesting markets in Europe.

Market discovery by contacting most important players in the market (prospects/
customers, suppliers, competitors, installers, users, etc.).

  • Commercial Due Diligence

Green Innovations supports investors with detailed commercial due dilligence assessments to de-risk new investments.

  • Financial Investment Banking Services

Green Innovations` cover investment opportunities from early-stage through expansion capital to pre-IPO deals located
in (Western) Europe.

Capital-Raising / M&A
Green Innovations arranges financing for cleantech startups and scale-ups.
We advise on private equity, project finance, divestments, mergers & acquisitions.

As opposed to traditional investment banks, Green Innovations is a specialist boutique for the sector Clean Energy / region Western Europe addressing relatively small capital-raising needs which dominate the market today (typically €0,5-10m).

Our differentiation is deep sector expertise, specific geographical focus, extensive industry & government connections and most importantly close relationships with Strategic Corporate Investors, Clean Energy Funds, Cleantech VCs, Carbon Funds, Family Offices and Commercial Banks active in the Clean Energy space.

Sell-side Advisory
Green Innovations assists entrepreneurs, companies and project developers in their exit strategy.

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