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    "Green Innovations,
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    Green Innovations establish successfully market introductions of innovative Cleantech ..Read more..

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    The unique 4 steps approach of Green Innovations is.. Read more..

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"Green Innovations is a Business Development & Sales Accelerator for the Cleantech industry".

We partner with start-ups and inventors to enhance sales & marketing and support them also with financial engineering / funding...Read more..


Quality is in the centre of Green Innovations attention, in everything we do. If it is about the transformational innovations, our Go-To-Market-Strategy or something. ...Read more..


Green Innovations is in several ways unique: The 4-steps sales approach, the way we focus on customer satisfaction, the vision and the Unique Selling Points of the solutions of our Partners. ...Read more..

Added Value

Quality is the foundation, being unique is necessary but at the end it it is all about bringing added value to our Partners and our customers. ...Read more..


Everything starts small. An idea, a design, a plan, a company.. But by being ambitious from the beginning, by thinking big directly Green Innovations achieves more. This relates to revenue, territories ...Read more..